Our Wedding Date: July 9, 2016

Wedding Info

Date - July 9th 2016!! Yay

Arrivel time - 3:30ish pm ---- Duh

Ceremony Time- 4:30pm be there or be square!!!!

There will be food, fun, dancing, and more FUN. LOL. All afternoon till evening, we will be kicked out of the park at sundown (8:20ish)

  • Formal Invitation

    With great joy

    you are invited to

    celebrate the marriage of


    John Carl Silva


    Bridget Marie Wheeler


    Saturday, the ninth of July

    two thousand sixteen

    at half past four in the afternoon


    Sand Harbor

    2005 SR 28

    Incline Village, NV



    Dinner, Dancing & Merriment to follow

    Added by John & Bridget on Thu, Jan 7th 2016